Why I Live The Life of a Freelance Digital Artist

I used to hate rules. School, basketball training, family dinners…you know, society. So I started skateboarding. Good choice. No appointments, no coaches, no rules…freedom! And it was that same tendency that got me into freelance illustration, graphic design, animation and even coding. I started doing all these stuff without external pressure. Nobody told me to do it. It was just a way to kill time. It’s been 10 years since my first digital creations, and not much has changed.

I can work from home. Or anywhere I want to be. I have geographical freedom. All I need is my laptop and some gear. And it all fits in my backpack. I can sleep late. I can go surfing when it’s on or snowboarding on a perfect bluebird day. I can take the time to talk with my mom. I can sing and make weird noises. I can spin on my chair. I can get way¬†creative. And I can take a day off.

Freelance Artist's Travel Kit. Laptop, hard drive, pen tablet, smartphone, paper, pencil, mouse, earbuds and a backpack.
Freelance Artist’s Travel Kit

Of course, it’s not all that perfect. There are clients and deadlines, guidelines and meetings. There is also customer service, which basically means it’s best if you are super responsive and available 24/7. There is hard work and there are sleepless nights. There are shitty projects and there is health insurance you pay by yourself. There are also no paid vacation or sick days.


But for me, it’s all worth it. My office is my kingdom. My chair, my tunes and my tea. I’ve made the right choice. Did you?