Hikers Brew

Stylized Animated Loop / 1-Hour

Hikers Brew is a lifestyle brand that makes coffee for hikers. Worldwide lockdown due to coronavirus is especially hard for those who are used to conquering mountain peaks. Hikers Brew hired me to create an animated video, that would help their target audience feel like they’re camping, without having to leave the house.

Production-wise, this was a tricky project, since even rendering an hour-long video takes a lot of time and we’ve only had a week to finish it. The key loop (foreground) is made in 3D (Blender), the background is hand-painted in Photoshop with a pen display, and everything is composited in After Effects.

The final outcome is a 1-hour animated video (loop) with relaxing sounds of nature. The video was used as a part of an advertising campaign on the client’s social media channels.


3D mesh – Blender
Cell/Traditional Animation – Photoshop


Zach Pecha, Founder of HikersBrew:
Marko did an amazing job on our project! We gave him deadlines and he hit them every single time. When we would give him a good outline of what we wanted he would outperform our expectations always. It was great to work with him and I’ll definitely be working with him again in the future.

We had Marko create a nature animation video for us to post to our youtube channel. Similar to those with LoFi beats, but ours is calming/relaxing with nature noises in the background. I asked if Marko would be able to add sound to the animation as well as drawing the animation. He said he could and he knocked it out of the park! We didn’t think the nature sounds were going to be so perfect and thought we would need to ask him to change things, but we never had to. And I’m someone who is very particular and picky when it comes to things like this.

Marko is very skilled and works hard on these projects! He communicated with us perfectly and gave us exactly what we wanted and then some. Everything turned out perfect, and our audience loves it! Thanks, Marko!!