Casa Vermelha

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“Another fine evening at the Casa Vermelha on top of the hill. Sunset, beer, guitar, and drums. Monkeys, rabbits, birds, and cats. Maybe you should stop by, too?”


This image marks a new era in my creative opus. It’s 3D, made with Blender. I’ve been changing my creative tools like underwear (once a week, haha) for the past few years.
Learning 3D is a blast, and mixing it all up with Photoshop allows me to pack some of that hand-made art vibe into otherwise razor-sharp 3D renders. But at the end of the day, the creative tools don’t even matter. It’s really all about extracting ideas from my head and displaying them – “Here, look, this is how I see the world.”

This artwork is available as an ultrawide 5k desktop wallpaper: