“The Basslinerz” – Animation & Concept Art

“Deep down in the deepest depths of our deepest oceans, this extraordinary school of fish is obliviously starting the most important movement of our century. Once they reach the surface, every organism will sync to the sound of our big dirty stinkin bass, forming a powerful interspecial alliance – The Basslinerz.”

Creative Process Breakdown

Software: Blender, After Effects, and Photoshop.

I wanted to go a bit more abstract with this one. The underwater setting was a good fit for scratching this creative itch. Lots of particles with only 2 key colors. And the dancing fish add a little story to the whole concept.

I started with a really rough animatic, just to get a feel of how the fish+music sync would work. The animatic serves as motivation to get me through the hard technical parts of the project.

Next step – developing styleframes.
This is the fun part. Searching for the right style, composition, colors. Shifting between Blender and Photoshop, manically photo/kit-bashing my way to the solution.

And then, animation. Blender.
Lots of particle systems in this one. Pink bubbles, fish boids, and algae. The dancing fish in the foreground needed more manual work. They follow a path to move foreward, and the wiggling is done with a Displace modifier and an Empty. Animating the Empty to the beat affects all fish at the same time, syncing them.

After Effects. CC Lens, Dust & Scratches, Turbulent Displace, Grain, Exposure, Vibrance.